Operation Concept

To develop modern chain management in rural areas, establish modern business services network of consumer goods in rural areas, and serve “three rural issues” (agriculture, rural areas and farmers).

Enterprise Spirits

Hard-working, innovative, cooperative and dedicating


Brand Construction

1 Brand Innovation. NEW COPERATION JOINT-STOCK TRADE CHAIN constantly revises and improves Vision Recognition System of New Cooperation, standardizing, procedurizing and personalizing visual identification system and behavior recognition system of NCS.

2. Brand Communication. With various media agencies, NEW COPERATION JOINT-STOCK TRADE CHAIN enhances brand awareness and carries out image advertising. Based on the cooperation with administrative organizations and industry association of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, NCS launches promotion activities.

3. Brand Maintenance. NEW COPERATION JOINT-STOCK TRADE CHAIN establishes brand quality monitoring system and brand crisis handling mechanism. NCS puts emphasis on brand management of branded goods and franchise stores. Franchised stores should operate under management of NCS. If the franchised stores damage the brand image, NEW COPERATION JOINT-STOCK TRADE CHAIN will withdraw the franchise.

4 Brand Development. With NCS network, NEW COPERATION JOINT-STOCK TRADE CHAIN provides various services, such as advertising service, information service, technology and cultural service, convenience service.

Enterprise Responsibilities

With modern logistic technologies, NEW COPERATION JOINT-STOCK TRADE CHAIN integrates, transforms, promotes and optimizes the traditional rural business network. With distribution centers in the counties (cities), the company establishes rural retail outlets and social commercial outlets, forming a “vertical & horizontal” integrated chain network of urban and rural areas. With New Cooperation network of “unified procurement & distribution”, the company offer daily consumer goods and agricultural production of high quality and reasonable price to the residents in rural areas, and offer agricultural and sideline products of good quality to urban residents. NEW COPERATION JOINT-STOCK TRADE CHAIN provides the farmers with comprehensive service.