Lu Yun (vice mayor of Zhoukou City) visits NCS Development Company
SOURCE: AUTHOR: DATE: 2018-03-19

On March 16th, Lu Yun (vice mayor of Zhoukou City) visited NCS Development Company to investigate Loudi Project, Fenghuang Civil Air Defense Project and New Cooperation Xiangzhong International Logistics Park Project. Zhoukou City 71 Road Civil Air Defense Project and other issues were discussed.

Lu Yun spoke highly of capital & brand strength, project development and commercial operation of New Cooperation Group. She said that the government of Zhoukou City attached great importance to the construction of civil air defense projects. She asked the two sides to further strengthen communication and coordination to ensure that the signing of the project investment agreement by the end of April. She hoped that NCS Development Company would simultaneously start the civil air defense project construction in counties and city.

Wang Yongwei (vice president of the New Cooperation Group and NCS Development Company, thanked the Zhoukou city government or the support. He said NCS was a large chain enterprise set up by the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives in accordance with the Document No. 3 2003 of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, in order to develop rural commercial system; NCS Development Company was a subsidiary in development and utilization of urban underground space; NCS Development Company was confident to make 71 Road Civil Air Defense Project a model high-quality project in Henan Province and even throughout the country; at the same time, NCS would cooperate with Zhoukou in various fields to boost economic and social development in Zhoukou.